iPhone Users: Unproductive, Bored and Trying to Be Cool?

by Darko Johnson

Are iPhone users bored?

Slim, awesome and fun? Sure, if you’re talking about the iPhone itself. If you’re referring to the bulk of iPhone users…well, not so much.

If you’re judging by the most popular iPhone apps being downloaded, it is far from the truth for iPhone users (well, at least the 50+% of total iPhone owners that download apps according to Admob.)

Are iPhone users bored as hell?

Well, judging by looking at the most popular iPhone apps, many of them are.

Take a look at some of the apps:



color mail iphone

The above apps can be summarized in few words: Perfect Apps for People Who are Bored.

Which brings me to my second point…

iPhone users = unproductive?

unproductive apps for iphone

Yes, there are few productivity apps which are quite popular though. However, most of the popular apps are time-wasting. So stop saying that iPhone improves your productivity and ask yourself: “Am I thinking rationally at the moment?”

Why do I think some iPhone users are hopelessly trying to lose weight?

The #1 most popular app for the iPhone is:

fat iphone

What’s a better way to lose weight than to obsess over which foods have highest calories, fat and carbs? Wait, that’s the worst way to lose weight. For all of you people who are using this app, get a copy of this book instead. Stop obsessing on what you eat and instead start focusing on how you eat. Anyway, I’m a bit off topic. Let’s get to my final point…

Are you buying the iPhone because you want to look cool?

The purpose of this post isn’t to attack iPhone users but rather to criticize Apple for their ‘iPhone is for cool people’ type of advertising and thus appealing to an audience of insecure people who ‘want to be cool.’ In other words, appealing to an audience who wants to impress people by owning a cool mobile.

You may not be one of those people. However, if you are, I want to leave you with the following message…


P.S. The above is just my opinion. I don’t try to PROVE that iPhone users are bored and unproductive. Please read the above paragraph and you’ll understand what this post is all about.

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