Google Wave: A Newbie’s Perspective

by Darko Johnson

So, I finally got a Google Wave invite. I’ve read couple of posts on Google Wave but still couldn’t figure something practical and useful to do with it

I’ve done some research prior on writing this article on how to present Google Wave to the typical internet user so he can understand it easily. So I’ve decided to put myself into a newbie’s perspective and see what can I do if I have very little idea of what Google Wave is.

I finally got an invite

I’ve heard a lot of things about Google Wave so I signed up for getting an invitation. Several days after the launch, I received an invite. Great! After I launched this web application, I got the following screen:

Everything is empty. Damn. What can I possibly do now?

Let’s invite some friends!

Great, I thought. Now that I invited around 5 friends, I can finally start chatting.

Or not. Almost all of the people I’ve added on Google Wave rarely logged in so I couldn’t chat with them. A problem I think will persist over time. It’s not easy to stop using Skype or MSN and start using Google Wave for ordinary things like simple chat, for example.

I am not sure whether Google ‘advanced chat’ features will make us switch over email and other instant messengers.

However, Google Wave seems very useful for certain tasks

I think Google Wave will be very popular for collaboration. If you want to make a group project for your school or if you’re a journalist who needs help from his colleagues for an article, Google Wave should be perfect for you.

Google posted a demo you can follow on how some people used their product for building an article on kangaroos (picture below):

Very neat!

The future of Google Wave

I am very skeptical and doubt Google Wave will replace email as a communication medium. However, I think it will replace certain collaboration tools and be useful to the people in the publishing profession.

Time will tell, certainly.

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