Google Suggest and The Battle of the Sexes

by Darko Johnson

Google Suggest can help us to learn a lot about the sexes. Really!


how can i get my girlfriend to

I originally found this example here. BUT…I thought, there must be more interesting examples like the ones above. So I came up with my ideas. Get ready to be blown away :)

So above we saw what boyfriends and girlfriends want…now let’s see what happens when they get older.

how can i get my husband to

how can i get my wife to


What do men/women want to know about each other?

why women l

why men l

I also wonder why women love vampires and why men look at other women :)

What boyfriends want according to their girlfriends

my girlfriend wants

What girlfriends want from according to their boyfriends

my girlfriend wants

Who cheats more?

i cheated on my

Well, the truth is, women seem to cheat a bit more than men! There are even some studies that suggest this.

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