How to Get Useful Feedback from Your Website Visitors

by Darko Johnson

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Here are some practical tips and resources you can start to use right now in order to get feedback from your website visitors. You can then use this feedback to improve your website. There are many types of feedback tools, so I’ve separated them in 2 categories: what are your visitors saying and what are they doing on your website.

What are your visitors saying about your site?

If most of the people who visit your website say bad things about it, then you need to pay attention. How do you find out what they say, anyway?

  • Forms

You have some good web applications for easily creating forms. MatchForm is a good one (it’s not free, you can look for some free alternatives, so I far I haven’t found any decent one.) You can ask your visitors whatever you want and make them fill a form of your choice. Ask any questions you want for a start.

Example of a form created with MatchForm

Example of a form created with MatchForm

As you can see, you can create all types of forms (bug reports, contact us forms and so on.)

  • Live chat

It works like an instant messenger. Your website visitors can choose to chat with you or another person that works in your team. And for the tools, I found a great one from Google, it’s called Google Talk chatback. Really neat. You can chat with your visitors, in real time and ask them whatever you want.

Google Talk chatback badge

Google Talk chatback badge

  • Online survey tools

They are usually in a form of a pop-up window your visitors get asking them whether they want to fill a short survey on how they like your page/website overall. 4Q is a neat free tool for this purpose.

The pop-up window that will appear to your visitors

The pop-up window that will appear to your visitors from 4Q

What are your visitors doing on your site?

Andrew Carnegie, one of the richest people of all time, said: “As I grow older, I pay less attention to what men say, I just watch what they do.” I totally agree with this quote and I think you should do the same with your website visitors. I’m not saying that listening to what they have to say is useless. It’s important, in my opinion. However, it is far more important to see what they do. Seeing how people behave will often give you amazing insights on how to improve your website.

  • Basic Analytics

Using software like Google Analytics can tell you various things on how long people stay on your website, how many pages they visit and so on. You can use this data and make your own assumptions on why is that the case. Then test those assumptions by changing something and seeing whether it has a big impact on your site.

Google Analytics Demo

Google Analytics Demo

  • Advanced Analytics

Clicktale is a good example here. They can record movies on how people behave on your site, give you heatmaps on where they click and whether they scroll. Truly advanced analytics.

Clicktale Screenshot

Clicktale Screenshot

  • Testing and tracking

The above tools can give you clues on how people behave on your site. If you want to use that information and improve your website (for example, increase the number of visitors who register or buy something using your site) then you need to know how to properly test things.

You have many tools for testing. Google Website Optimizer is a free one that’s great. However, I think it is far more important for you to learn how to test properly. The best resource for learning this is Marketing Experiments. You have hundreds of free case studies on how people improved their website.

Thanks for reading.

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