These Firefox Add-ons Can Make Your Life Easier

by Darko Johnson

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Firefox add-ons and extensions can save you a lot of time & energy, if you know which ones to use.
You can go to Tools>Add-ons from there you will find options to search by category or keyword.  Also, you can browse by most popular or highest rated Add-ons when you click on Alerts & Updates at the top navigation link on the left of the page.

Below you have some I highly recommend.

OneRiot – Find Real-Time Information On an Interesting Topic

oneriot search in firefox

Get it at:

Why is it useful: OneRiot is awesome realtime search engine that ranks results depending on how much they are shared on Facebook/Twitter/Digg/Stumbleupon and other social networks. Very useful if you want to discover VERY recent information on a topic you’re interested in exploring more.

How to use it: Just use it as you would use Google if you were searching from the Firefox window. Let’s say you’re a big fan of Spanish culture and want to know some new things about Spain:

oneriot results for spain

InvisibleHand – WAIT! You Can Get That MP3 Player for a Cheaper Price…

invisiblehand on amazon

Get it at:

Why is it useful: Haha, are you serious? This add-on has the potential to save you a lot of money. It’s like having Google Product Search on steroids.

How to use it: Once you install it, go to a particular website (“I’ve used in this example.) Go to a product page and after several seconds you should see that yellow thing on the top:

invisiblehand on

Similar Web – Discover Similar sites to the ones you use

similar web home page

Get it at:

Why is it useful: You’re interested in a particular topic. You have some websites you visit frequently on that topic but like to discover similar ones (that are as good or better than the ones you know of.) Introducing Similar Web…

How to use it: Once you install Similar Web, you’ll see a sidebar like on the picture below. The fun part comes when you start typing a website address and the add-on starts suggesting related sites. Let’s say you’re interested in learning languages. You know of LiveMocha but want to find even more cool sites:

similar sites livemocha

Easy Downloader -  Download YouTube Videos with a Single Click

download youtube videos with easy downloader

Get it at:

Why is it useful: Frequently updated add-on (one of the biggest problems with YouTube downloaders is that they’re outdated), plus you have options to get the video in more than one format.

How to use it: Just install it and after you get to your favorite video, you’ll get those buttons like on the picture above.

Google Docs Viewer – Save Time & Frustration When Opening PDF Files


Get it at:

Opening a PDF file in Firefox with Adobe Reader is a hassle.

Why is it useful: It’s a hassle to open a PDF file in Firefox. It takes at least 10 seconds for Adobe Reader to launch and then maybe an additional minute to open the entire file. This add-on solves that problem. Google Docs is VERY fast and flexible when it comes to handling PDF files (you can open an ordinary PDF file with the same speed as you open average webpage.)

How to use it: After you install this add-on (from the link above), if you want to open a PDF file in Google Docs, right click on the PDF file and then choose “Open Link in Google Docs Viewer” like on the picture above.

I hope you found this article very useful!

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