Creative Ways to Find Alternatives to ALL Products on Google

by Darko Johnson

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Looking for an iPhone alternative? You can use the most obvious search query on Google which is “iPhone alternatives” where “iPhone” can be the name of any product. There are, however, more creative ways to search for a wider array of results and find what people REALLY think about a particular product..

“Better than”

Examples: “better than iPhone”, “better than hotmail”

You can go WILD with this. Let’s say I am looking for iPhone alternatives so I write “better than iPhone” in Google:


I can see that most of the results are comparing Nexus one and iPhone. I want more! Well, let’s exclude those keywords by using the ‘minus‘  sign before the word or term I want omitted.  Now let’s see what happens:



Product name vs. (in Google Suggest)

Examples: Technorati vs. , Google Maps vs. , Justin Bieber vs.???

We love choices. To find alternatives to a tool or application try the ‘versus‘ search.  Let’s see what happens when you type “Google maps vs” in the search field.  Now just choose from Google Suggest:

google maps vs

You can also get extremely creative with this and use it  with anyone’s name! If you want to find similar artists to Justin Bieber to send to North Korea, for example, you type “Justin Bieber vs” and see the results.  Wow, I’ve got to get this list to 4chan!!

justin bieber vs

* than product name”

Examples: “ * than Droid”, “ * than Windows 7”

People love to compare similar things.


  • Better than ___”,
  • more than ___”,
  • less than ___” or
  • * than ___

Google will use the asterisk (*) to apply descriptive terms that would aptly proceed “than ___”. This query also works amazingly well if you want to find more information about a specific product.

When you place “*” in a search query, that tells Google replace “*” with any word that would logically follow or proceed the search term you entered. You’ll get words like ‘better’, ‘faster’, ‘secure’ and other words that can lead you about a better alternatives.

Here’s an example for Windows 7:

windows 7 better than

The possibilities are endless.

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