Digg Vs. StumbleUpon: Is there a difference?

by Darko Johnson

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I’ve written two posts on uncovering some interesting things on the average Digg and Stumbleupon user. So, I thought, why not compare those 2 sites? (by the way, I’ll be referring to Digg Users = Diggers and StumbleUpon users = Stumblers) Now I can use a larger sample of around 83.000 visitors  who arrived at this site and make the data even more accurate that way.

stumbleupon vs digg traffic (via Google Analytics)

Do Canadians prefer Digg over StumbleUpon?

Another question: Do British people prefer StumbleUpon over Digg?? Let’s see what the data says:

digg countries visitors come from

StumbleUpon visitors countries come from

Notice the 2nd and 3rd row in both pictures above. Canadians seem to prefer going on Digg slightly more than Stumbleupon. And for British people, the reverse is true. Another interesting thing is how remarkably similar visitors (in terms of countries) these sites attract.

Do Diggers like Internet Explorer more than Stumblers do?

Here’s what the data says:



There can be many reasons for this. But first, the majority of active Diggers absolutely HATE Internet Explorer and prefer Firefox/Chrome. Again, it comes to how Digg/Stumbleupon are set up. StumbleUpon gained its popularity as a toolbar for Firefox while Digg isn’t browser-depended as Stumble. Both communities despise IE, though.

Who loves Macintosh more?



Diggers use a Mac slightly more than Stumblers do. The percentage is similar for Windows/Linux. Also, Diggers also use iPod’s and other mobile devices for accessing sites via Digg.

Who likes to read more? Diggers or Stumblers?

On average, StumbleUpon users not only read more pages but also return more on a site:

Digg vs. Stumbleupon new vs. returning visitors

Why is this the case: I think it’s mostly because of the ways Digg/Stumbleupon are set up. On StumbleUpon, you click on “Stumble”, take a look at a page, decide if it’s interesting and then click on “Stumble” again to get to a new page. On Digg, however, you can open more than one page in the same time so you are way more distracted which encourages shorter attention span.

Do Stumblers/Diggers use wide screen or full screen monitors?

The data was remarkably similar for both sites, so I’ve decided to include just one picture here:


Judging by the screen resolution (for example, 1280×800 = wide screen, 1280×1024 = full screen), the majority (over 80%) of Stumblers/Diggers LOVE using wide screen monitors. The rest use either full screen or laptop/netbook-specific resolutions.

25% of Stumblers use NoScript?

Flash Digg


At first glance, it looks Diggers beat Stumblers in Flash usage. However, if you take a look at the second StumbleUpon picture, you have 21,000 people with (non set) parameter. That is very odd. After a bit of research, I found (not set) means that either a) people don’t have Flash installed b) people have some software that’s blocking Google Analytics (the software I use to collect the data) from getting the Flash version.

Knowing that 99% of web users have Flash installed, I concluded it’s most likely an addon (NoScript is the most popular Firefox addon for this) that’s blocking JavaScript from being executed. Diggers don’t seem to be using NoScript as much as Stumblers though. I wish I could see stats about Adblock, although I’m sure both communities love it :)

So, who won?


Cheers! :)

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