What is the Average Digg User Like?

by Darko Johnson

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So far this site has received 39,797 visitors from Digg. This sample is large enough that it has enabled me to find some commonalities among these visitors and profile the average Digg users. I’ve used Google Analytics as my tool of choice for getting the data.

Where are Digg users from?

11.44% are from Canada and 66.30% from United States. What’s interesting to see is which US region are they from:

Most Digg users are from California

California is the state with the largest population in US. Texas is second, yet they don’t seem to be very interested in technology as Californians.

What is the most popular browser among Digg users?

Firefox is the most popular browser among Digg users, but Chrome seems to be rising

Don’t let the picture above mislead you. Firefox is around since 2004 and Chrome since 2008. It would be fair to say that Chrome is the browser that is gaining huge popularity among Diggers compared to Firefox which is still the most popular one.

Do Diggers use the latest Flash version?

Most od Digg users use the latest Flash version

Yes. What about Java?

Most Digg users use Java

What Operating System Digg users have?

Most Digg users use Windows. The second is Macintosh.

It’s an interesting thing about Apple…take a look at the Microsoft category on Digg and you’ll soon realize why Macintosh is so high on the list. I guess, in the future, Macintosh and iPhone will either grow enormously or SHRINK enormously (with the recent news of Apple censoring all kinds of stuff and the bad PR they receive.)

One interesting part…

More Diggers using Firefox than Safari on Macintosh?


That’s true, there’s around 30% relative difference. In my opinion, these are probably Diggers who switched from Windows to a Mac but didn’t want to switch to a different browser.

How old are Digg users?

The most reliable source I was able to find for this is Quantcast which gave me the following results:


So, most of them are male, 18-34 and earn $100k+ (nice! Although this is household income, there’s no way for this type of companies to determine how much the person sitting in front of the computer is earning).

Based on all the data above, can we make a profile of the average Digg user? Hell yeah!

ron is the typical digg user

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