Who REALLY Owns The 100 Most Popular Sites on Digg?

by Darko Johnson

There’s one great tool called Di66 that sorts sites by the number of times they went on the Digg front page. If you’ve seen this post, you’ll know that usually the most popular sites in the world are owned by some huge corporations. Is it the same for the 100 most popular sites on Digg?

I’ve decided to do a bit of research by analyzing the top 100 most popular sites on Digg (in other words, the top 100 sites on the Di66 list.) Results below.

Some Interesting Findings

There is a company called Advance Publications that owns 3 extremely popular sites that often go on the Digg front page:


See this Wikipedia page for a full list of publications they own. It’s a VERY big list indeed.

Another big company, Time Warner owns the following sites which are in the top 100 list too:

  • cnn.com
  • time.com
  • tmz.com

Village Voice Media owns 7 of the top 100 sites:

village voice media

If you want to learn more on them, see this Wikipedia page.

AOL seems to own 3 properties:

  • aolnews.com (this wasn’t very obvious :P )
  • asylum.com
  • engadget.com

Gawker Media has 3 sites that go on the Digg front page often:


You can go to their Wikipedia page to see even more popular sites they own (but are not in the top 100 list.)

The Tribune Company was on the top of the list too. They own several sites from the top 100 most popular ones:

Here is the Wikipedia entry for the Tribune company and a full list of publications they own.


Digg is an awesome place. It was very interesting to analyze and see what’s really going on with the most popular sites. The conclusion is, although there are companies like these who own a whole bunch of extremely popular sites, most of the sites in the top 100 lists are very diverse and owned by different entities.

digg is awesome

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