How to Delete Your Facebook Account (without Actually deleting it)

by Darko Johnson

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Removing your Facebook account using the official Facebook procedure (requesting removal and then waiting 14 days, and in case you log-in again you have to do the whole thing all over again) requires a great deal of self-control, especially if you’re frequent on Facebook like me.

There’s a way to *psychologically* remove your Facebook account that worked for me (I did this 3 weeks ago and barely logged-in since then, previously I logged-in 5-6 times daily). It’s simple: remove the #1 reason why you’re on Facebook: your friends.

Again, Facebook makes it hard to remove your friends but I found an easy way to delete even 500 friends in 4 minutes. Here’s how you do it:

  1. Log-in and go to this link (you have the entire list of friends here). Next to each friend, you will see X button.

remove friends from facebook

2.  Left-click with your mouse on the X button. A pop-up should appear: “Remove connection with ____?” Now, instead of clicking on “Remove” with your mouse, just press the Enter key. The pop-up should disappear and your friend is removed from your friend list.

3. Do the same thing for your entire list of friends. If you don’t move the mouse pointer and click on Enter then you should be able to remove 100 friends within a minute. So the sequence is “press on X, press on Enter”, “press on X, press on Enter”. Start with the friend on the top (like on the picture above.) That way you don’t have to move your pointer.

4. Now when you have 0 friends, you should get the following Welcome screen after you go on the Facebook homepage:


In case you still have some group notifications on your Wall, hide them with the “Remove” button on the right. Now if you want you can schedule your profile to be deleted because you don’t have any particular reason why to go there.

I still can’t believe though…

haha yeah right

So, if I listen to this advice, how long it would take me to remove 100 friends? 3 years?

Tell your friends why you deleted them

Some of your friends might be pissed off and ask you why you removed them from Facebook. That’s why it’s a good idea to publish a message visible by everyone indicating you plan to quit FB:

delete notificaiton

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