7 Most Controversial (and Interesting) Questions Asked on Digg Dialog

by Darko Johnson

In case you’re on Digg and don’t know about Digg Dialog, shame on you! Digg Dialog is a place where the Digg community decides on the most popular questions to be asked to famous celebrities/world leaders etc. As I Digg fan, I’ve watched them all and picked the ones I found most interesting/controversial/intriguing. Here they are:

1. What one sport that is not currently an Olympic sport do you wish was in the Olympics? Question from:


Julia’s answer was women ski jumping. This is a quite controversial issue. Women doing ski jumping have been trying hard to get it included in every winter competition for a long time. For now, women ski jumpers got a permission to compete in 2011 World Ski Championship. However, the Olympics issue still remains open.

Full interview: http://tv.digg.com/diggdialogg/juliamancuso (this question was asked at 24:00)

2. What’s your view on Net Neutrality? Question from:


Al Gore’s answer was simple: “I’m all for it!” And many people agree! But also there are some individuals that don’t share the same opinion. There are of course pros and cons in government regulating companies not creating artificial scarcity and this needs to be taken seriously. Anyway, this issue is really controversial and it was nice to hear Gore’s opinion on it.

Full interview: http://tv.digg.com/diggdialogg/algore (this question was asked at 05:05)

3. How do you feel about movie piracy? Question from:


Peter Jackson’s answer was a bit extreme: “Movie piracy can lead to death of films.” What? Well, he may be right about that scenario happening someday. However, this is very unlikely. Piracy has been a hot issue for years. People against it are always warning us of the dangers but there are also people who examined the pros on piracy too. I see a nice trend of movie studios developing new promotion tactics so I don’t think films will be gone anytime soon.

Full interview: http://tv.digg.com/diggdialogg/peterjackson (this question was asked at 02:04)

4. Will the best college team be able to beat the worst pro team? Question from:


Peterson’s answer was: “I don’t think so.” The most realistic answer is “It depends.” Let’s face it, college football and NFL are 2 totally different systems. The latter train harder, and in case of the worst NFL team, they also have way more experience than the best college team by competing constantly with top teams from the league. However, when you take motivation into account (the de-motivated NFL team vs. the extremely motivated college team) you will get a different picture. So it really depends on skills and motivation.

Full interview: http://tv.digg.com/diggdialogg/adrianpeterson (this question was asked at 07:55)

5. What do you think will happen to the dollar in the next 10 years? Question from:


Geithner’s answer was a typical one: there was already a crisis before they came into office and it’s really hard to stop the trend. However, he also made an interesting point by suggesting we live ‘within our means.’ That probably meant to stop spending like crazy (typical thing for most government.)

Full interview: http://tv.digg.com/diggdialogg/timothygeithner (this question was asked at 13:55)

6. What is your stance on legalization of marijuana in California? Question from:


I’ll be back! Oh well, that was his last answer. Anyway, about this question, Schwarzenegger’s answer was a typical one, saying he doesn’t support legalization but didn’t give any concrete facts about this. Actually there was a poll where 65% of people in California said they support legalization. Will that change anything? Not much for now.

Full interview: http://tv.digg.com/diggdialogg/shwarzenegger (this question was asked at 05:20)

7. What do you think about Bing? Question from:


I was quite surprised with Marissa’s answer when she said that they keep an eye on Bing and on Microsoft as strong competitors. Unlike Eric Schmidt who told Fox News they aren’t going to change and respond much to Bing. That wasn’t the case however. After Bing release, Google rolled out a bunch of new features. So they definitely keep a close eye of competitors.

Full interview: http://tv.digg.com/diggdialogg/mm (this question was asked at 09:01)

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