5 Types of People You Can Find on Chatroulette

by Darko Johnson

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Some of these people are very common and some of them are extremely rare and on the brink of extinction.. First, let’s start with the most common ones.

1. A  horny dude

Example of a dude on ChatRoulette

How to identify him: He’s clothed but boy, he’s, very horny. How do I know this? Just try putting a female friend in front of the cam or (easier) a fake webcam video of a girl. That’s enough, then you can ask him to do whatever you want as long as you keep the illusion that you’ll have sex with him someday.

How often can you find him: Just go to Chatroulette and start a new chat. You should see one of them immediately. Either him or the REALLY horny dude…

2. A REALLY horny dude

Example of a censored dude on Chatroulette

How to identify him: A naked male. He may be homosexual. But most of these people aren’t homosexuals. Most of them just hope they’ll impress a chick by just showing their d**k and doing nothing else. He succeeds, though, in impressing her to click on the ‘Report’ button and probably go back to the usual horny but not naked dude (see 1.)

How often can you find him: After clicking around 10 times on the “Next” button, you should have the “luck” to stumble upon one of them.

3. A spammer trying to make a buck

spammer on chatroulette

How to identify him: They are very easy to recognize. Once they tell you to ‘go to xyz.com and get laid’ you know something is fishy.

How often can you find him: I was surprised to find them appear occasionally. Obviously, spammers go where people go. I hope Chatroulette stuff will get rid of these nasty people soon. I tried to take a screenshot from him but got sick after clicking on ‘Next’ for the 30th time and seeing over 10 d***s so please understand :D

4. A fake chick

A fake girl on chatroulette

How to identify him/her: Very hard to recognize. Most chicks on Chatroulette (fake or not) will Next you in no time or will be non-responsive. My avatar in this case was the text “Example of a fake chick” so I expected to be Next-ed very fast.

How often can you find him/her: They seem quite rare, surprisingly. Seems not many people know how to configure ManyCam + video and prank horny guys.

5. A REAL chick

a real chick on Chatroulette

How to recognize her: Consider yourself lucky if you stumble upon one of them. They are very hard to distinguish from fake chicks if they “Next” you within 5 seconds. If that isn’t the case, then you can try to say something to her, say her to do something…if she’s fake then she’ll usually “Next” you, if not, then consider yourself EXTREMELY lucky :D

How often can you find her: They are rare, you first need to go through 30 guys (some clothed, some naked, and some with…you know what) and then stumble upon a chick and hope she’s real.

Lessons learned

  • If you try to find and talk with a real chick via Chatroulette, forget it. You’ll have a much better chance if you go out in the real world.
  • In my experiment, I met 50 people on Chatroulette. 39 of them were clothed guys, 9 naked guys and 4 of them were chicks (I don’t know if they were fake or real though.)
  • Chatroulette is great though if you’re a bunch of guys or gals and want to prank strangers.

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