How to Find Beautiful Wallpapers Online within Seconds

by Darko Johnson

Do you want to find beautiful wallpapers for your screen resolution in seconds? That’s very possible online. My resolution is 1280×1024 and I love nature pictures. Here’s what I came up with:

wallpapers in Google images

Curious on how I found these beautiful pictures? Find out below.

Use Google to Find Your Favorite Wallpapers

  1. Go to Google Advanced Image Search
  2. Enter the type of wallpaper you want in the text box next to “related to all of the words”

Google Advanced Search related to all words

3. Next to “Content types” select “photo content”

Google return images that contain

4. Next to “Aspect ratio” click on “Use my desktop size”. Google will automatically identify your current desktop resolution.

Google - Use my desktop size

5. Click on “Google Search” and you should get wallpapers similar to the ones above. Marvelous!

Use Bing Image Search to Find Beautiful Wallpapers

1. Go to Bing Image Search

2. Enter a keyword, let’s use “winter” in this example

3. Once you get the results, on the left, click on “Size” and then “Wallpaper”

Bing Wallpaper Search

Bing will automatically take your screen resolution and display wallpapers related to the keyword you just entered.

It’s a similar process with Yahoo. Go to Yahoo Advanced Search and next to “Size” select “Wallpaper.” Then start searching.

Yahoo Search Results Wallpaper

Find a better quality version of an image with TinEye

Let’s suppose I have this image on my computer:

Summer flower original source @

Note: Remember that even though you find a wonderful image on the net like the one shown above you must first determine whether the artist has rendered it into the public domain (free usage) or holds a copyright to the image. Please respect photographers’ copyrights when considering using these images. Often an email or comment on their site asking for permission to use an image will be readily accommodated by the artist. And, gee, wouldn’t you like to know that people find your work appealing?

I really like this picture but can’t put it as a wallpaper because the resolution is too small. How do I find the same picture, just with bigger resolution?

One solution is to use TinEye which is a “reverse picture search” service where you can upload a picture and you’ll get results of the same or similar pictures, usually with different resolutions. I’ve tried uploading this image there and guess what:

Results with TinEye TinEye search results

Yep, TinEye found a same image with a same resolution like my screen. Pretty neat.

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