About MixTheNet

The purpose of MixTheNet is simple:

  • Help you discover useful websites
  • Help you discover useful tips, tricks to do online

Who am I?

My name is Darko and there’s one thing I really love, and that is the internet. (hey, isn’t this what we all love?) I love discovering great websites, great tips and great ways to use the internet to make my life better.

So I thought, why not create a website where I’ll do what I do best: discovering new, useful websites, online tips and tricks and creative tutorials on how to do various things online and so on.

However, all of the things I’ve mentioned above must be USEFUL. I’m really tired of ‘cool sites’ or ‘cool stuff’ online that are useless.

If you have any question or want to suggest an idea on what to write about, feel free to contact me.